During the past years, in addition to the traditional building model, Matteo Vaghi developed a new model which involves a modern building approach, more contemporary and less linked to the traditional, called MODERN.

With this model he wants to give to guitarists a guitar easy to be played, with a good sound projection and the fundamental really present and immediate. Shape and dimensions are the same size of the traditional model, the only differences are in the way of building the soundboard, back and sides. The soundboard is worked with the “lattice braced” method, which consists in a grid made by wood or composite materials (like balsa wood and carbonium).

These new materials help the guitar being more powerful, with a better sound projection and volume as well. Matteo Vaghi does personally prefer to build guitars with “lattice braced” with spruce, in order to give to the instrument more colors and a warmed and less synthetic sound, which is a characteristic often associated to this kind of projects. Back and sides are usually in laminated wood, a series of layers made by very thin woods.

This way of building the body, gives to the instrument a very present and immediate fundamental, it helps projection the sound and gives a better structural stability to the guitar. Matteo Vaghi uses to build these guitars with soundboards in spruce or cedar, back and sides in rosewood, maple, ziricote or other woods, in order to give to every guitarist the possibility to find his best ideal instrument.

Here you can find a technical description of some Matteo Vaghi’s Modern guitars:

Modern Palissandro