Matteo Vaghi

Matteo vaghi earns a degree at the CIVICA SCUOLA DI LIUTERIA in Milan in 2004. At the beginning of his career he makes classic and acoustic guitars. Drawn by deep curiosity and strong interest in 2008 he moves to Granada, Spain for fire years. Collaborating with high-end workshops of the city, he learns how to make instruments with the typical Granada method. In 2013 goes back to Italy to live and in 2014 he has the honour to be put in the book LA ESCUELA GRANADINA DE GUITARREROS, a relevant publishing of the sector about Granada method, fine techniques and the structure of the city itself. In the last few years, he keeps working on classic instruments as well as starts approaching with deep manners to more modern and contemporary projects. Joining tradition together with modernity, he wants to give to musicians a wider range of choices and satisfy different needs with different characteristics. With his instruments he is keen towards the finding of comfort of movements, beauty and fullness of the sounds, with an eye on finishings an aesthetic. Today he lives and works in Cesano Maderno, north of Milan.